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More than 30 people have fallen ill after an outbreak of E.coli and a parasitic disease at a petting farm. Public health experts have launched an investigation into the outbreak at Swithens Farm in Rothwell, West Yorkshire and the owners of the farm voluntarily closed the premises after the incident became apparent.

A total of 29 cases of cryptosporidiosis - a disease caused by a microscopic parasite resistant to chlorination which causes sickness and diarrhoea, have so far been confirmed.  Two cases of bacterial infection, E.coli 0157, which can cause severe stomach pain, bloody diarrhoea and can affect kidney function, have also been reported.

All of those affected visited Swithens Farm in West Yorkshire from the beginning of March onwards. Public Health England (PHE) has been drafted in to deal with the issue.

This is a clear breach of health and safety at an attraction that is open to the public and in particular appeals to more vulnerable people such as children. Anyone who has been affected by illness following a visit to this farm, whether you are from Yorkshire or further afield, should contact MJL Law to speak to one of our experts regarding a potential claim for compensation.

The owners of any establishment who invite members of the public to visit has an obligation to ensure that the visitors are kept safe whilst on the premises. In this instance, this clearly has not occurred and anyone who has contracted an illness from a visit here deserves to be compensated for distress and illness that they have suffered. We at MJL Law would be happy to offer our services to anyone in these circumstances who require assistance.