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The Yorkshire Ambulance Service paid out more than £600,000 in compensation to staff injured at work over the past two years and the total bill to be public purse is likely to be much higher as this six-figure sum only relates to the excess insurance payments which the trust is responsible for. Between January 2014 and January 2015, employees injured while working were paid £385,708 and between 2015 and 2016 the bill was £225,931.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service was responsible for paying the first £10,000 of any claim with the rest of the bill picked up through the NHS Litigation Authority on their behalf. Kevin Fairfax, UNISON Branch Secretary, said the trust was too slow to tackle problems which ultimately impacted on the service provided.

He said:
“As a union we have raised through our health and safety representatives numerous issues that have caused our members harm, usually faulty or not fit for purpose equipment. It seems to us that the trust are far too slow to react to these situations which in turn increases the number of injuries and hence claims. “Safety at work should be a priority, by not listening to UNISON’S accredited health and safety representatives, who also work on the front line, when concerns are raised, the trust is failing our members and ultimately the service provided to the public of Yorkshire.”

This sadly highlights the lack of health and safety standards which can occur in in the public sector, particularly in an area that needs it most. Too many of our workers, who are essential to our healthcare system are provided with unsafe working environments which result in injuries at work through no fault of their own.

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