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£40,000 was just one of a portfolio of debts owed to a local transport company.

As a busy business it can be hard to make time to chase outstanding debt and even harder to get debtors to pay up.

MJL Law believe in helping local businesses recover what they are rightfully owed with minimum time lost and minimum hassle.

So it was no problem for Michael, the MJL Law expert debt recovery solicitor, to provide a free initial consultation with advice on how recovery could be made in a concise meeting at the transport company offices in Ossett.

With a portfolio of debts ranging from a few hundred pounds to those in excess of £40,000 the company were able to take advantage of MJL Law’s fixed fee debt recovery service to minimise cost.

Without the burden of trying to recover so many debts, the transport company could get back to fully concentrating on running their business.

MJL Law took complete control of recovering all debts for them.

Debtors either paid after receiving a Letter before action from MJL Law, or upon receipt of court proceedings. A single letter prompted payment in some cases, in others they were settled after MJL Law obtained a judgement.

Cases won: As a result the local business has achieved their desired outcome with a big boost to their cashflow.

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