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A free initial consultation at the claimants Wakefield home was at the heart of winning this no win no fee car accident case.

Miss C’s accident occurred in Ossett last year when another vehicle approached a corner too quickly. The driver lost control and veered onto the wrong side of the road. The subsequent collision caused injury to Miss C.

Michael of MJL Law was glad to visit the victim at her own home to avoid further pain and travel anxiety where he provided a free initial consultation.

By taking time, Michael was able to fully understand the circumstances and all the repercussions of the accident. Miss C had a number of questions which Michael ensured were answered to allay all of Miss C’s fears and concerns. A medical examination was arranged by Michael.

The time taken at this meeting was important not just to ensure winning the case but to ensure the fullest amount of compensation was claimed and paid.

As a result MJL Law obtained an admission of liability and recovered £3,280 compensation to cover Miss C’s losses.

Case won.

When you have suffered injury in a road accident that wasn’t your fault. When you want a caring solicitor to be in your corner.

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